• August 10, 2021

Which Photo Reflex Is Right For Me? – Photographic Reflexes

New Zealand photographer Matt Wilson has become the latest in a growing number of New Zealanders to adopt the world’s first selfie camera.

Wilson, who has a background in design and photography, says his passion for photography stems from his family’s background in the fields of art and music.

“I am always fascinated by how the world relates to art, music and photography.

I have always wanted to be a photographer and I’ve always loved the outdoors, especially the ocean.”

It’s a natural instinct, it’s something I’ve got in me.””

It’s the perfect balance between the two.

It’s a natural instinct, it’s something I’ve got in me.”

Wilson’s photos have been shared on social media and have been praised by the likes of Beyonce and Justin Bieber.

Wilson has been photographing wildlife since his teens, and in 2016 he moved to Auckland, where he works with local wildlife conservation groups, such as Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation Conservation Otago, Wildlife Conservation Foundation, and RSPCA.

Wilson has photographed wildlife for more than 25 years and has travelled extensively across the Pacific.

He says he has taken more than 40,000 photos and that he enjoys seeing how the wildlife interacts with humans.

“It’s not like it’s a place where you just take a photo and it’s going to disappear.

It’s really interesting.

It seems to be there, it reacts, it responds to the people around it.

It does things that we never think of doing, like, ‘I’m going to sit here and eat some food’.

It’s like an experiment.”

Wilson says he’s been able to “explore” New Zealand’s wildlife for a number of reasons.

“You can see the beauty and the wildness that is out there and it gives you an insight into what’s going on around us,” he said.

“What’s going through the minds of the animals?

It gives you a unique perspective on life.”

Wilson hopes that the new camera will allow people to get a glimpse of the natural world, even in areas that people might normally avoid.

“To be able to capture wildlife is something that I think will inspire people to try and get out into the world,” he told NZNow.

“You see the effects of nature, and it makes you think, ‘what would that look like if we could see it?'”

Wilson is also hoping that the camera can help inspire people towards conservation.

“We’ve all been affected by environmental issues, we all live in a society that is increasingly aware of these issues, and a new camera, a new lens, a camera that allows us to be more active in this environmental endeavour, that will allow us to continue to contribute to that,” he explained.

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