• October 11, 2021

Which photo has the most Facebook Likes?

The following image is from a Facebook post by a friend of mine who posted the photo.

She said, “My dad passed away today, I know he was in the military.

We all are in shock and I think about him every day.”

My dad passed and I don’t know him very well.

But I do know he did a good job for his country.

I love him and miss him every single day.

The next image comes from an Instagram post of a friend with a photo of her father, who was also in the army.

He said, “[My father] was in uniform.

I don,t know if he was on the front lines, but he was definitely on the ground.

He always made sure that everyone had food.

My dad worked hard to support the troops.

He worked hard, so when he died, I don`t think he was a little bummed out.”

The last image comes directly from a photo posted by my dad.

“My dad was always my hero,” my dad said.

“I don`te know if I would be here if he had to go.

But the last thing he ever wanted was to have to leave this world.”

My dad had a hard life.

He fought to protect the American people and the freedoms that were ours.

But I think he saw the world differently than many others did.

He was born in a military family.

My father’s father was a Marine.

My mother and I grew up in Texas and Texas had its own Marine Corps.

My parents are very proud of their military family, and they are not afraid to share their stories with us.

I have always been proud of my father.

My mom has always been a patriot and a patriot has always meant something to me.

I was born a Marine and I have loved my job, the Marine Corps, and I love serving my country.

It`s just the best.

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