• July 27, 2021

Which famous street photographer has taken the world by storm?

A photograph that has become a meme has gone viral in the UK, after a photographer captured it on film.

The image, taken in London in September 2012, shows a woman dressed as a clown standing on a street corner with her hands clasped over her heart.

The photograph, taken by British street photographer, Simon Souther, has gone on to become a worldwide hit.

The man behind the image, who goes by the pseudonym “Souther,” has previously said it was inspired by his daughter’s experience of being bullied by a gang of children in her neighbourhood.

He told the BBC he was not bothered by the image’s popularity.

“I was just doing my job.

I am not trying to make a career out of it.

I just want to be able to take a picture and make people smile.”

“The thing about street photography is that it’s about capturing people’s lives and expressions.

You have to be aware of the people around you, you have to pay attention to the environment.”

I want people to feel free to go out and enjoy themselves.

“Souther’s image went viral in October 2012, and was chosen as one of a number of photographs taken by street photographers around the world that week.

It quickly became a trending topic on the internet, with more than 6,000 comments and 1.8 million likes on the photograph alone.

Searing in the heat of the moment, the photo became a symbol of the protests of 2011, when more than 100 people were arrested and thousands of demonstrators were dispersed in central London.

By March 2013, the photograph had been viewed more than 1.3 million times on YouTube.

In April 2013, Souther was forced to apologise for his work, and the image was banned from being used in the US, Canada and Israel.

However, his photograph has become an icon of the protest movement and a rallying cry for the anti-police brutality movement in the United States.

Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets every Sunday to protest police brutality and the way in which the justice system treats them.

A recent photograph of a group of young protesters holding a sign reading “Black Lives Matter” has been seen by more than a million people, including celebrities, politicians and celebrities of all stripes.

At the end of October, the man behind Souther’s photograph was forced out of his job and banned from photographing any more.

On Monday, he said he would not be returning to the UK any time soon, and that he was looking forward to the chance to be a father again.

Simon Souther says he was “absolutely disgusted” by the “ridiculous” image of him that has been widely shared on social media.

Read more about the protest: “You can’t just go into any street in any city and take pictures of your neighbours, neighbours that have never even met.”

And that’s what happened to me in London, I was in a city where there were people who never had a job and I was just making fun of them.”

But the thing about being famous is you get recognised a lot, but I’ve had so many people take me up on it.

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