• June 30, 2021

When does a wedding photographer do a ‘impact photographics’ or ‘impact film’?

Posted March 01, 2019 14:10:56 In this week’s edition of the Irish Times’ podcast, The Irish Wedding Photographer, I discuss how the process of capturing a photo of a wedding is different to capturing a traditional picture.

The key to a wedding photography career, says Shannon, is the ‘imprint’ of the photographer.

“The photographer should be able to have a positive image of the event, but the image that they create needs to be the image of an event that they want to capture,” she explains.

“If you’re looking at a traditional wedding and you’re shooting the ceremony, you have the tradition of the groom coming out, and you have your family and friends coming out.

You’ve got the family that will be there and the other guests coming in.”

The key, says Ms Sargeant, is to capture the spirit of the occasion.

“You want to have the image you’re going for that is in keeping with the time and the place and you can capture the event itself, which is why you’re so excited about capturing the best image possible,” she says.

“It’s the image where everyone is together, the event is in the air, the flowers are out, everything is happening.

The same principle applies to the photographer’s skills, Ms Sager explains. “

When you’re at a wedding and everyone is happy, you need to capture that energy, the energy of the crowd, the music, and the light, and then it’s just about the ceremony.”

The same principle applies to the photographer’s skills, Ms Sager explains.

If the photographer has to be on the ground, it’s the photographer who’s in control of the image, with a camera that’s positioned at the angle of the face.

“In a photo, if you’re in the shot, you don’t know what the other people are looking at,” she continues.

“But in a wedding, you’re on the scene, you know exactly what’s happening.

If you’re not, it will be impossible to capture it.”

In her podcast interview, Ms Shannon explains that her most recent wedding, the Wedding of the Year at the Irish Grand Hotel in London, was captured using only one camera and a DSLR camera.

“I think it was the first time I’ve ever taken a wedding photo,” she remembers.

“We had a small wedding, which was about 25 people, and it was in a small hotel, and I was just doing a lot of research online and I found out that they were using one camera, which I thought was brilliant.”

But then, a week later, when I came home, I realised that I’d forgotten to bring my phone.

In the end, the family was able to capture a unique, unique moment in the history of weddings. “

I’d got the whole suite, I’d bought everything, I had a camera, I just thought I’d go to the hotel and bring the whole family.”

In the end, the family was able to capture a unique, unique moment in the history of weddings.

The story behind the photo I spoke to Shannon about, as well as the best wedding photography tips, can be found in her article on how to capture an amazing wedding, titled “The Importance of Imprints”.

You can listen to The Irish Times podcast here: The Irish Wedding Photo Podcast (RTE) is available to download from the podcast player.

If audio is not available, please listen to the podcast on the RTE website or via the RSS feed.

Contact the Irish Wedding Photography podcast team for any queries. 


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