• August 9, 2021

‘What’s your deal?’ – photographer who lost her wedding photo to a car crash says she’ll still be on her feet and smiling

Photographer Ashley Baker has never been happier to be back on the road after losing her wedding photoshoot to a crash.

The 27-year-old was on her way to a wedding with her husband to her two children when her car flipped on a highway.

Ashley’s husband, Michael Baker, said he was driving through the state of Victoria when he hit the bumper of a car travelling in the opposite direction.

“The whole thing just came down, and the car just skidded down the road, hit the back of my car, and my kids in the back seat, and I went flying.

I just fell on the back passenger seat, it broke my neck, and broke my back and my left leg, and there was no way that my kids were going to be in there,” he said.

Michael Baker said his wife Ashley was lucky to be alive after the crash, but the couple were shaken up and couldn’t wait to get back home.

But Ashley said she had no idea the incident would affect her life and that she would still be taking photos in the future.

The crash happened on the highway near Banyarawong, in the southern part of the state.

Ms Baker said she was not sure how many people had been in the vehicle, but she did know the driver had been driving the wrong way down the highway for several kilometres.

She said the crash was a “wake up call” for her and her family, but said she felt lucky to still be able to take photos.

After the crash Ms Baker said the experience had left her “very shaken up” and had given her the strength to be the person she is today.

Her photos are on display at the Australian Photography Awards, where she was nominated for Best Photography at the event.

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