• August 4, 2021

What to know about Cake Smash photographer Daniel Boeser’s photo of the day

If you’ve ever taken a photo with a phone camera, you probably know that the photo is essentially a video of yourself dancing to a song.

The beauty of this technique is that it allows you to quickly capture a moment in time, and it’s not hard to capture a photo of someone in a cute or funny way.

But there are a few challenges that make it difficult to capture that sweet moment.

First, it can be hard to track the subject.

When you take the photo, you may not even know who the person is that you’re dancing to, let alone the context of the image.

Second, if the person you’re recording is wearing a shirt that you can see from a distance, the photo may look like they’re wearing a hat or a scarf.

This can make it easy to miss a face or a body part.

And third, the picture may not always look like it’s captured in the moment.

Boesinger’s photos of the weekend have often looked like they were taken in a moment, and that’s because it’s impossible to see exactly what the person in the photo looked like, as well as the location where they were.

And while Boesers work has certainly improved over the years, he still tends to miss out on a lot of the fun in the world of photography.

So in the spirit of photo-sharing, Boesering is bringing Cake Smash to the masses.

Cake Smash was created by Boesinger and his friend Scott Linn, who both are photographers.

They’re sharing the photos for a free weekend of fun and sharing their experience with each other.

They also plan to make this project a permanent fixture at their new wedding venue.

In the first photo, Linn wears a black shirt with a white T-shirt and white pants, while Bowersing wears a white shirt and black pants.

Both photos were taken with a Nikon D5.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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