• August 24, 2021

The ‘Worst’ Time for Your Pet to Be Put to Sleep

The “worst time for a pet to be put to sleep” is when they have to stay in a crate or crate box for a full night, according to the UK Association of Veterinary Surgeons.

However, this doesn’t mean the time is right to let a pet go to sleep. 

The association’s chief executive Dr Mike Dennison said pet owners should always be on the look out for a good time to let their pets out of their crate or box.

“The worst time for an animal to be placed to sleep is when it has been for at least 48 hours,” Dr Dennisons said.

“And the best time is when the animal is still nursing and can be allowed to sleep.”

He said it’s important to keep in mind that while a pet is out of its crate or cage, there are still things it can do to make it feel comfortable.

“This can include lying down or sitting on a soft surface, playing, and so on,” he said.

It’s important that a pet owner keeps an eye on their pet’s behaviour, Dr Densons advice said.

“There are some things that can be done to reduce stress, such as going outside, or getting lots of exercise,” he explained.

Pet owners can also help keep their pets’ moods up with a calming activity, like brushing their teeth.

Dr Dennings advice for pet owners to try to be more involved with their pets.

“Be more involved, especially if your pet is a puppy or kitten,” he advised.

“Just take it easy and allow the pet to play with the toys and things in their crate and see if that helps,” he added.

“If not, then get more involved.

It’s a big part of what keeps a pet happy.”

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