• September 18, 2021

Why are some photos of war still so relevant?

On the one hand, we have the fact that photos from the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis are still extremely influential.Many of them are still in the public domain.But on the other hand, these images have been in circulation for decades.And we still have them on our desks, in our closets, on our…

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How to Draw an Ephemera

An iconic photograph is back for a limited time, as photographers are offering a limited-edition drawing for the first time.The ephemera is available for $3 from noon to 10 p.m.ET Tuesday, Oct. 21.The drawing will be limited to 500 prints and will include a special drawing of the photographer.“This is a special time for us,”…

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‘Def Leppard’ Photographer: ‘I Was In The Crowd’ When He Wrote About My Husband’s Death

The photographer who took a series of images of her husband’s funeral procession and then uploaded them on Instagram in 2013, has come forward to describe her experience as he passed away.In the story of his death, she wrote: ‘He was my husband.He was the father of my two beautiful children.I was in the crowd.We…

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Oregon wedding photographer’s family ‘gutted’ by fatal fall

TARGO, N.Y. — A photographer who was fatally struck by a train at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean has been identified as Paul T. Smith, 59, who had been working at the North Carolina station in Trenton, N,N.C., for nearly a decade.Smith’s father, George Smith, said his family is “shocked and gutted” by…

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How to shoot a photo book

The digital photo book is a great way to capture your favorite moments in life.But how do you choose which photos to use?You can always get creative, but there are some guidelines that can help you decide which ones are worth saving.The best photos you can choose from are ones that have been collected in…

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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