• August 9, 2021

Nikki Catsouras: St. Louis photographer arrested after taking wedding photos

St. LOUIS, Mo.

— Nikki Catouras, a St. Louis photographer arrested this week after taking pictures of a St Louis wedding photographer is charged with felony copyright infringement, according to a criminal complaint.

Catouras was arrested Friday after police said she posted the wedding photos online.

Police were tipped by an informant that the photos were taken by Catouris in St. Bernard Parish.

The arrest affidavit states that police went to Catours residence on Nov. 16 and arrested her for felony copyright violations.

Catours attorney, Mark Fagan, said his client is “shocked and deeply sorry for what she has done and that it was not legal.”

Fagan said he does not believe Catoures is innocent.

“The whole situation was very unfortunate.

She’s a very nice person and I think she was doing her job and that she was entitled to her photos,” he said.

The St. Martin-based photographer is an amateur photographer who has worked for several national and local photographers, Fagan said.

“She has a great portfolio.

She does a lot of her work outside of the city and I don’t think anybody would have any trouble finding her,” he added.

In an interview with the St. Charles Post-Dispatch, Catourhas attorney, Dan McPherson, said Catourys work has been published in publications such as “Best Of” magazines and magazines such as The Photography Quarterly.

He said Catours photography was not on the St Louis Wedding Photographers website.

“It was not a paid job.

We were not compensated for the photographs,” he told the Post-Register.

McPherons attorney said the photographer is a professional, and that her photos were not for profit, and are for the enjoyment of the public.

McPalusks attorney, James Hirsch, said the criminal complaint against Catoursys was “a complete mischaracterization of the facts.”

“The complaint is very clear and clear,” Hirsch said.

“This is not a case of an amateur photojournalist.

It’s a case where she took photographs of the wedding and then shared them online.”

McPhers attorney said Catourings work was published in the magazine “Best of St.


I have never been told anything that has not been reported on by other publications,” he explained.”

I would have thought this was a felony and that was why they arrested her.”

McPalins attorney said he believes Catourss charges are part of a wider trend in which professional photographers are becoming targets of copyright infringement cases.

McParters attorney said it’s the second time CatourS case has come up in the past week.

In February, Catours arrest was linked to a similar copyright violation case involving a StLouis photographer.

The photojournalism blog, The Photo Joke, reported that the StLouis wedding photographer was arrested last week after authorities said she shared wedding photos with another photographer.

In the complaint filed against Catours, authorities said that she posted wedding photos from St. Augustine Parish to her Facebook page on Nov 16 and Nov. 18.

Catourings lawyer said the case was “totally unrelated to any incident that happened” on her Facebook account.

McSherry said he would like to see Catourass charges dropped.

“This is a serious copyright infringement,” he stated.

“If the copyright owners were actually willing to work with her to have a constructive dialogue about her issues, I think that she would be working with them now,” he continued.

“I would think that would be a very positive outcome.”

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