• October 27, 2021

“I’ll always remember when I first met this photographer, he was the only photographer that I knew in my whole life that was doing the exact same thing that I was doing at the time. He was doing it on a shoestring budget.”

I met photographer goldin through his Instagram account and they’ve been friends ever since.

I’m sure he knows the value of your time, the value you put in and how much you appreciate what you see.

I met him through my love for photography and it’s a privilege to be able to share my passion with you.

This is my story. 

I first met photographer  goldin through Instagram.

We met while we were both working in a different industry.

I was in the process of buying my first DSLR camera when I came across  the Instagram account  of the photographer.

It was immediately apparent that he was a photographer with a strong passion for what he did. 

Goldin has a huge following on Instagram and he has been featured in a number of local news articles and featured in his own photo book. 

As the owner of a photography studio in New York City, I’ve been able to work with Goldin to help promote his work and I’ve never seen him shy away from a personal connection with his fans. 

His work is truly unique, and I know you won’t be disappointed with what you find on his Instagram page. 

In the months that followed, I was able to interview Goldin and he was always interested in sharing what he was doing. 

The first time I ever met  Goldins photographer, I received a package of photographs from the photographer that were both breathtaking and heartbreaking. 

My heart ached as I watched these images on my phone,  and I immediately asked him what they were.

 “I have a new book called The Art of Photography  that I’m doing with a beautiful photographer called Alexey  who I met in my last year in the industry. 

He sent me a message telling me that he’d be in New Zealand to shoot the book in September and we were going to meet in his studio. 

That was it.

I wasn’t expecting anything but what I was expecting was an email from Goldin with the following explanation:”Thank you for visiting my studio, I hope you enjoy it.

You will find the photos in my new book The Photography of  Alexei  on the Instagram account AlexyGoldin.com. 

We’ll be doing some personal interviews as well, and we’ll get to know you better as a person. 

Best wishes  (via Instagram)

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