• September 10, 2021

How to Make It on the Strip With Your First Wedding Photographer

“I think the thing that’s really cool about it is I think the experience you have at the wedding is something that you can build from day one,” said Andrew Rocha, a New York City photographer and filmmaker.

“You can get the same experience for the next couple of years and you’ll be on your way.”

Rochas wedding to photographer Jen Zalewski was in Las Vegas on Saturday.

They got married at a downtown church.

He and his girlfriend, Jillian, had been in New York and had been planning to head back to Vegas for a wedding on Tuesday night.

The couple decided to celebrate in the desert, which means they didn’t take their wedding day seriously.

Instead, they rented a RV, which Roches said was a little more casual.

They decided to go for a walk and just enjoy the views.

“It was definitely the perfect experience for a couple of weeks,” he said.

The wedding ceremony was a success, and Rochi said the couple got a great reception.

He said he was able to get his photography license and get his business going.

“We’re in business because of this, and we’ll keep going,” he told ABC News.

“I love my business and it’s been a blessing for me.”

Rachael B. Hall, a Las Vegas native, and her fiance, Paul Hall, had planned to go to a wedding in California on Monday night.

They met online and decided to fly to Los Angeles, where they wanted to be in time to capture the ceremony.

They had to change their plans and decided they were going to the Las Vegas wedding instead.

“That was my first time in Las, and I wanted to do something a little different, so I went with my mom,” she said.

She and her mother had planned on visiting New York for a business meeting.

“My mom was a big fan of what we had planned, so we kind of got together,” she told ABC.

“She really was excited about it, and she loved it.

It was such a fun day.”

They rented a hotel room at a resort.

They were expecting to stay in a hotel for the entire trip.

The trip to Las Vegas is about 25 miles away.

They spent about $6,000 on food, entertainment and souvenirs.

They even had to go shopping for gifts and items for their bridal party.

They say they’ll still get married there and they will have a party on Monday.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done, but we have plans to do it in the future,” she joked.

They plan to fly out to Vegas on Monday and spend the day there.

They will take their vows together.

“The whole idea is that we get together and have our own wedding and the kids can be at home,” she added.

“So we’re all just excited.”

Rachi said she’s going to be very happy to be a part of the wedding.

“Everyday is an amazing day,” she shared.

“And that’s why we get married.”

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