• September 28, 2021

How to get an interview with the President of the United States: The interview is like no other

A man has finally been able to ask the President what he thinks about a range of issues, but he’s still struggling to get the right person to interview him.

In a series of interviews, Donald Trump has talked to more than a dozen people from various industries, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Association of National Advertisers, the United Auto Workers, and many more.

Here’s what we learned about the President’s latest interview.


The Chamber of Business Trump is an unabashed champion of big business.

Trump told Business Insider in a recent interview that he doesn’t have a problem with big business — he just doesn’t like them doing it poorly.

“I like big business doing great things.

I like them being good,” Trump said.

“They’re doing things that I think are good for the country.

I don’t think they’re bad for the United Sates economy, but I don and I can’t stand it.”

“They are going to do well,” he said.

That’s a sentiment shared by many in his own industry.

Trump has long been a supporter of corporate tax cuts, as he’s argued that they make business more competitive, but the Chamber of Biz and the Chamber itself has been critical of Trump’s tax plan, saying it would increase the size of the federal government by $1.2 trillion.

He has also advocated for a minimum wage increase, saying that it would boost workers’ wages and boost their bargaining power.

Trump’s support for a raise to the federal minimum wage of $10.10 per hour, as proposed by Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, has been a rallying cry for many labor activists and Democrats.

“You know what, if we don’t raise the minimum wage, that means that we will have a much smaller government, we will be much more economically efficient, we won’t have so many people getting out of work,” Trump told the Chamber.

“We are not going to have to do this anymore.

We’re going to be much smarter.”

“We don’t want to do it, but we have to, we have so much money.

So we have some flexibility,” he added.

The president also told Business Insider that he would not be able to afford a $1 trillion tax cut because of the costs of implementing it.

“The minimum wage will go up, but so will taxes,” Trump argued.

“And I don, you know, I have a tremendous amount of money.

I have an amazing wife, you have to have a wife that works hard.”


The National Association for Manufacturers The Chamber also opposes the Trump administration’s efforts to eliminate the manufacturing sector’s mandate for companies to make the products they sell to consumers.

“President Trump’s plan to dismantle the Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal regulations that protect workers is an attack on our manufacturing industry, which is a crucial component of our economy and the backbone of our country’s economic growth,” said the National Manufacturers Association in a statement.

“This President is taking America backwards.”

“The President is proposing to gut the Fair Minimum Wage Act, which would be the single most consequential policy step taken by a President since the Great Depression,” said Gary Burtless, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation, in a press release.

“While President Trump’s budget would slash the minimum hourly wage for most workers by more than $1,000 for millions of workers, he is proposing a $2.9 trillion increase to the national debt and would eliminate the Fair Trade Act, a landmark international trade agreement, in his first 100 days.

In addition, the President would cut the Small Business Administration’s funding for the National Trade Council, which has helped small businesses thrive for decades.”


The American Manufacturing Council The National Manufacturing Council opposes Trump’s economic plan because of what it calls his “unwarranted” tax cuts and calls them “disastrous.”

“President Donald Trump’s proposal to raise taxes on businesses that ship jobs overseas is a blatant attack on the United State’s manufacturing base,” said Rob Nabors, the president of the American Manufacturing Association.

“Our manufacturers depend on American workers to create the goods and services that make our economy strong, and we strongly oppose any plan to increase taxes on them.”

“Trump’s proposed tax hikes would be catastrophic for the American worker and American manufacturers, who would see an average income tax increase of nearly 15 percent over the next decade,” Nabors added.

“Trump is wrong to propose to increase the minimum wages of manufacturing workers.

But he’s wrong to say he’s not going the tax code the same way that other countries do.

He’s making a fundamental error in not recognizing the importance of the small business community.”

“There are millions of American workers who could lose their jobs if the proposed tax plan goes forward, and the Administration needs to come to grips with the fact that there are millions who depend on small business

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