• July 2, 2021

How the Australian Federal Police captured one of the most iconic photos of the world in 2015

Photographer Michael Vest’s iconic image of a sea of sea-colored sea turtles in Antarctica was taken by the Australian federal police (AFP) in 2015.

The photograph was part of a series called ‘Sightings of the Year’, a series of short films that was created by Vest to highlight the importance of marine conservation.

“The photograph has become a symbol for the conservation of the oceans and is still very relevant to us today,” Vest said in a statement.

“We are delighted to be able to share the image with you.”

The image has been the subject of a number of documentary films, such as the documentary The Blue Turtles, but Vest has been documenting the iconic image in a series for the Australian Geographic magazine for the past few years.

“I have always believed that if you are an artist, if you do your work with passion and imagination, that you are also an explorer and a storyteller,” Vest told ABC Radio National.

“That’s why I took a risk on this work and it was such a rewarding and rewarding experience.”

The story of the turtle and his journey to Antarctica The turtles in the photo are a family of turtles called Elegia vermilioni.

The family is a unique group of turtles, with males and females of different species living together.

They have a unique diet of algae and fish, which is why the turtles can be found in different parts of Antarctica.

The turtles were discovered by Australian Antarctic Expedition (AAEE) divers during the mission to the continent in 1998.

The turtle was discovered by diving team members in the Mariana Trench, an area on the Pacific shelf that extends from the Antarctic Peninsula to the South Pole.

A group of five young males, named Sten and Stec, were found at the bottom of the trench, where they were living.

“They were all quite young, about the size of a chicken,” said one of Stec’s brothers.

“Stec had just hatched and we saw them all hanging around the bottom, just trying to get their first meal.”

The team members named the pair Sten, Stec and Steeves.

“All of us were very happy when they all came up to the surface,” said Michael Vest.

Stec was found by divers in the same trench in 1999, but the family didn’t get much help from the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) until 2013. “

It was amazing that they had found these little turtles, that they all had the same shape, and they all were just swimming around together.”

Stec was found by divers in the same trench in 1999, but the family didn’t get much help from the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) until 2013.

“There was no way of doing anything,” said Vest.

The Australian Antarctic Division (AADA) was asked to help find Stec by the divers, but they couldn’t help.

The AADA had to make an appointment with the ASEAN Sea Turtle Conservation Society (ATSC) to do the research, which meant it was in the AAT’s jurisdiction.

It was a risky decision, because the turtles were already in the territory and under ATSC’s jurisdiction, and there was no guarantee that ATSL would agree to help the turtles.

So the AADA contacted the ATSB to try and help.

ATSBs own diving team went into the AtsB’s office and told them that the ATC was not available for the turtles because they were in Antarctica and therefore not under ATC’s jurisdiction for the season.

“ATSB told me they had already found them and they were safe,” said the AOA spokesman.

“And so I asked the AATSB what they could do to help.

“We have been in touch with the turtle owners to let them know we are looking for them and will be getting them back to Australia. “

So we went out and we found the turtles, and the next day we sent a video message to ATSN saying, ‘We’ve found them.'”

The turtle has now been reunited with Stec. “

These turtles are extremely important to us and it’s so nice to see them back here and being able to see the sea and the sea turtles.”

The turtle has now been reunited with Stec.

The story is a fascinating one, and it illustrates why the AACC is so important for the turtle conservation.

It’s a testament to the power of the ASEA and ATSS to protect the endangered species, and to the dedication of ASEA’s marine biologists.

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