• September 27, 2021

‘Duterte’s image of women as sex slaves’ in Philippines is ‘inaccurate and dangerous’

Ednan M. Puri, a writer and social commentator, has published an article on her blog about the Philippines’ image of sexual slavery and rape as a tool of power.

In a piece titled “What I Learned From Duterte’s Rape and Sexual Slavery of Women in the Philippines,” Puri describes the Duterte regime’s rape of women and girls as a means to gain political advantage.

“In the Philippines, women and children are victims of a form of sexual violence called rape,” she wrote.

“Rape is the most horrific form of violence against women and sexual violence is a tool for politicians and other officials to get a political advantage and to get power.”

The term “sexual violence” has been used by political opponents of Duterte to describe the rape of and sexual assault of women, especially during the Duterte administration.

Puruji’s article is part of a growing movement in the Philippine blogosphere to highlight the role of women in political power and sexual exploitation in the country, in an effort to expose the political corruption, abuse and violence that women endure at the hands of Duterte.

A few weeks ago, Puri published an essay on the Philippine Daily Inquirer blog titled “How I Became a Rape Victim” in which she described her experiences as a rape victim in the nation’s capital.

She detailed the rape that she endured by an alleged member of the “Duterte-backed” National Police and the alleged perpetrators of the rape, both members of the same criminal syndicate, the DAP.

Purio explained to the Inquireer that she was raped by a group of men on November 30, 2015, in front of the National Police Headquarters, at a time when she was on her way home after attending a birthday party.

She described how she was approached by the men, who then sexually assaulted her.

She said she was sexually assaulted while in her underwear and was repeatedly raped.

“I was terrified,” Purio said.

“My eyes rolled back in my head.

It felt like the world was spinning around me.”

She continued: “They pushed me on the ground and forced me to do what they wanted.

I was raped repeatedly.

They raped me for more than an hour and then they left me to die.

I saw the men leave me alone on the street and that is when I ran to a friend’s house.”

Purio was unable to get help for years after the rape.

After her first rape, Purio became pregnant and had her baby taken away from her.

Purios story is an example of the brutal reality of rape in the world of Duterte, according to Purio.

“The police did not even try to save me.

I am one of the lucky ones, because they gave me a new life,” Puriuji said.

She added that she felt guilty about the rape because of the stigma and shame that comes with being raped.

Puriujis account of the experience was published in November 2017, and the article has since been republished by other bloggers.

Purizon, the national news portal of the Philippines government, said that the article is an “outrageous attack on women and the media in the Duterte era.”

Puri said that she believes that the Philippine media’s coverage of her story has been influenced by the “fake news” propagated by the Duterte government, which has portrayed her as a victim of a political crime.

Puriview said that while she does not agree with Puri’s assertion that she and her family suffered from rape, she said she is “heartened” by her support for the cause.

“Pray for me,” she said.

Purijew said she would like to “make this a cause that will never die.”

Puriw said that her husband has been in the United States and is currently working on a film project in the U.S. He said he has received death threats and that he is “very scared.”

Puriviyay said that he will continue to work to protect women’s rights and that his family “will support me and my family.”

Puritivay said, “I feel sad for the women that have suffered.

The Duterte regime is one of those countries that will go to war over the rape and sexual slavery of women.”

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