• August 17, 2021

‘Def Leppard’ Photographer: ‘I Was In The Crowd’ When He Wrote About My Husband’s Death

The photographer who took a series of images of her husband’s funeral procession and then uploaded them on Instagram in 2013, has come forward to describe her experience as he passed away.

In the story of his death, she wrote: ‘He was my husband.

He was the father of my two beautiful children.

I was in the crowd.

We were so close.

I loved him dearly.’

The post by photographer Amanda Miller of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was shared nearly 8,000 times as of Monday evening.

She told Fox News that she believes she was not alone in the photos.

Miller, who is black, was married to her husband in 2015.

Her husband, Richard, had recently left his job and relocated to Texas, where Miller is from.

Her account has been shared by hundreds of people across the country and has received support from friends and family.

Miller said she was devastated when she saw the photos that were shared.

“I was in a panic because my husband was a good person and a hard worker, and I wanted to help people in the community, she said.”

He was always doing good things for the community and people, and for us to share the photos was just so hard for me.

It was the worst feeling.

It made me sad.

I thought, I’m not in this world for a long time.

I just don’t want to be in this place.

“Miller has written on Facebook about the incident and said she wants people to know that they are not alone.”

My husband was my best friend, and my partner.

He didn’t deserve to be hurt,” she wrote.”

As a photographer, I wanted my images to show the life and love of my husband, not to paint him in a negative light, as others have done in the past.

I wanted people to see him as a good man and a loving father, not as some tragic figure.

I want everyone to know the truth.

I am sorry.

“She added that she had wanted to go to a funeral service before but could not find time, saying that she was in Texas and did not know if she could get in time.

The photo series she shared was published in a series titled ‘My Husband,’ which she called a tribute to her family.”

If I could have gotten to a service, I would have shared the photos with him and my family, she explained.

“It was hard for us all, but we wanted to share with everyone,” she said of her photos.

“Even though I’m a black woman, I feel like I’m sharing my story and that of our family, especially when we are in this difficult time, she added.”

Thank you for all the love and support, and thank you to the people who have supported us in this journey.

“Miller shared the post on Facebook after she received death threats and was told that her family would be attacked if she went to a wedding or funeral.”

My family is here for you, our community is here to help, and all of our love is our strength.””

Please remember that we have been a family.

My family is here for you, our community is here to help, and all of our love is our strength.”

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