• September 13, 2021

Black female photographers at the centre of Boston shooting controversy

Black female photographer Doreen Jackson, whose image was used by the Boston Police Department to target and murder a black man, was also the subject of a criminal investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, a federal grand jury said Thursday.

Jackson, 37, was charged with federal hate crime charges stemming from the Sept. 11, 2015, attack on the popular Boston marathon.

She was charged by a grand jury with making a false statement about her race in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal complaint against her, the Boston Herald reported.

The FBI is also investigating Jackson’s arrest in connection with the shooting death of James T. Hodgkinson, a white supremacist who died in a shootout with police after the shooting.

Jackson was among five people arrested in connection to the deadly shootout.

She told investigators she had no prior involvement with the incident.

The Herald reported Jackson had been the subject to racial profiling since she was a young woman, and that she was stopped by Boston Police in October 2015 while on a trip to Denver with her daughter.

“The FBI’s investigation uncovered that Doree Jackson had an ongoing history of engaging in discriminatory and violent conduct towards black people in the Boston area,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah M. Denton said in a statement.

“Doree had been repeatedly flagged by the FBI as an offender of a hate crime law.”

Jackson told police that her daughter had been arrested for “violating an injunction in a local community.”

The FBI investigation also found Jackson had “had an extensive history of racially motivated behavior, including harassment, assault, threats, and intimidation.”

Denton added that Jackson was not the only person to face racial profiling.

The agency “found that there were other persons in the community who also were targets of bias-based criminal activity,” the Herald reported, citing a copy of the complaint obtained by the Herald.

“While the FBI found no evidence that any of the individuals were specifically targeted for harassment or assault, the Bureau also found that there was evidence of a pattern of discriminatory, violent conduct against individuals of color in the area,” the statement read.

“Based on this evidence, the FBI also determined that Dostra Jackson had engaged in conduct of a violent nature which constituted a criminal violation.”

Jackson is the first black female photographer to be charged with a federal hate-crime law, the Herald said.

“I can’t wait for my day in court,” Jackson told reporters.

“When they come to trial, I will stand my ground.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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