• July 27, 2021

Which famous street photographer has taken the world by storm?

A photograph that has become a meme has gone viral in the UK, after a photographer captured it on film.The image, taken in London in September 2012, shows a woman dressed as a clown standing on a street corner with her hands clasped over her heart.The photograph, taken by British street photographer, Simon Souther, has…

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FourFourTimes: How to Make an Instagram Story

4The fourTimes.com – All About Instagram, the world’s largest social media platform for sharing photos, videos and content.– This week: What are the biggest social media marketing trends of the past year?What is the best Instagram strategy to use for your business?How can you improve your Instagram brand image?-This week: How should you post on…

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Freelance Photographer Salary 2020

Posted January 15, 2020 09:15:47A $1,000-a-month gig at a freelancer can mean the difference between life and death.Photographer Richard Lewis has seen this firsthand.Lewis has worked at a number of places including Disney, the New York Times, CBS, the Associated Press and now the New Orleans Times-Picayune.In his work, Lewis has been called “the greatest…

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How to photograph a guitar chord in a photo

A new technology that lets you capture the feel of an instrument is being hailed as a revolutionary new tool for artists and photographers.The technique, known as the “photochromatic,” or “chromatic lens,” allows photographers to capture a guitar’s subtle details, such as fretboard markings and the strings’ size.The result is an intimate portrait that’s as…

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Why wedding photographers aren’t getting enough credit

DALLAS — It’s a big week for wedding photographers, with more than a dozen new galleries popping up across the country.Here’s what you need to know:There are new names to know, including the American Wedding Academy, the New York City-based company founded by Rachel and Kevin Dyson, who said they are working to expand to…

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How the Australian Federal Police captured one of the most iconic photos of the world in 2015

Photographer Michael Vest’s iconic image of a sea of sea-colored sea turtles in Antarctica was taken by the Australian federal police (AFP) in 2015.The photograph was part of a series called ‘Sightings of the Year’, a series of short films that was created by Vest to highlight the importance of marine conservation.“The photograph has become…

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The Best Instagram Photos of the Week

The Best of the Best is a weekly column by CBS News style writer Kristin Vetter.She answers your questions on photography, life, sports and more.

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